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ML Boatworks, formed in 2011 is owned and operated by Mike Luszcz in Winterville, NC. For myself, what started out as strictly a hobby quickly turned into more than I could have ever imagined. ML Boatworks started when I saw the need for having a few laser cut frames made for an '88 Circus Circus hydroplane I was attempting to build. From there, the requests starting coming in for other designs, and help from many racers soon followed as they shared their hard earned design knowledge. Now over 120 kits are offered! People such as David Newton @ have been kind enough to share their backlog of scale plans to help me turn them into laser cut framing kits! Though things have grown, I still treat the business like it started, a hobby. That is the way it should be! What were once customers, have now become friends over the last three years. Taking the time to make sure a new builder/ boater is getting a kit that fits their build knowledge means more to me than having the kit end up on their shelf! To learn more about myself or the kits I offer, please feel free to call or email! Thanks so much for your support! Happy building!

Mike Luszcz


Committed to Quality

ML Boatworks offers high quality, laser cut plywood framing kits that are designed for a snug fitment and ease of build. All of the kits are designed using "toy tabbing" to lock intersection parts together, which maximizes building a square hull. You will also find laser etched lines on certain parts to aid in keeping the framing following its correct glue line. Another key component is laser etched numbering which makes building a breeze!


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While shopping with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come. ML BOATWORKS, RC BOATS, RADIO CONTROLLED BOATS, LASER CUT WOOD RC BOAT KITS, WOODRCBOATS.COM, MLBOATWORKSRC.COM, MONOS, VEES, AMPS, INTERNATIONAL HOBBIES, STV, VISION CRAFT TUNNELS, SCALE HYDROPLANES, SPORT HYDROPLANES, OUTRIGGERS, RIGGERS, FIBERGLASS HULLS, STANDS KITS, GSX, GP, THX, WILD THING, KNEELERS, FLATS BOAT, BAJA, FOUNTAIN, FORMULA, GAS OUTBOARD

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