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ML Boatworks offers high quality, laser cut plywood framing kits that are designed for a snug fitment and ease of build. All of the kits are designed using "toy tabbing" to lock intersection parts together, which maximizes building a square hull. You will also find laser etched lines on certain parts to aid in keeping the framing following its correct glue line. Another key component is laser etched numbering, explained below.


ML Boatworks, due to the size of my garage/ storage, does not stock many kits. When you place your order, I put in an order with my laser cutting company, and it is either drop shipped, or shipped to me for final boxing with any extra components. Because of this, the average turn around time can be as little as 3 days, or as many as 3 weeks. Depending on the time of the year (November, December, March, April), these wait times can be longer. If this time frame is a concern, please contact me first so we can discuss. I would rather you know up front, then be unhappy a few weeks later. Your kit being cut to order, is a huge benefit to you as a builder. The longer cut plywood parts sit un-built, they tend to warp. Shelving kits is probably the worse thing, as a wood kit company, that I could do to you as a buyer! Give ML Boatworks the time to offer you a fresh cut kit that you will enjoy building!


All kits also utilize laser etching, which actually marks each piece with a number and letter code (if needed). This numbering system will always start with "1" being at the transom of the boat and 2,3,4,etc. moving towards the bow. "R" means right (starboard side), "L" means left (port side). You will find that both cross members, and forward to aft frames have the etching, and the number system ties those pieces together for an easier to figure out build. In most cases, the builder can figure out the majority of the part locations by simply laying out all parts, then carefully interlock the puzzle!


*First all kits are quality 3 or 6 ply Finish Birch. NONE of the framing in our kits is made of balsa, which is far inferior in strength, and long term durability.

*The sport hydroplane, O/B tunnel, O/B kneeler, and Lauterbach GP kits are complete with all internal and external plywood sheeting, basswood sticks, and a fiberglass cowling. PDF instruction manuals for certain kits are available upon request, while I am currently working on instructions for other kits. This is explained more under each product page.

*The standard scale hydroplane kits, which are designed around the plans, only include the internal plywood framing. No sheeting, basswood sticks, or cowling are included. For instructions, it is recommended to visit to purchase their paint and sheeting sheet to guide you in your build as my kit numbering system closely matches theirs. It is also recommended to visit for your fiberglass cowling needs.

*The extreme series scale hydroplane kits include all of the standard scale hydroplane features, but add laser etched, toy tabed, precut center section floor pans, cockpit forming jigs, thinner plywood to reduce weight, so offer 3-peice design to allow the builder to do the whole build on a flat board before bonding the sponsons to the center section, certain kits have rear wing templates, rear tiplet templates, front canard framing with integrated lock system to ensure a very strong canard flap to cockpit to sponson connection, and many other extras. They truely are EXTREME!


ML Boatworks goes to great extents to do testing on most all of its products before they are available for purchase. All but the scale hydroplane kits are fully tested. The reasoning being, scale hydroplanes follow guidelines that require certain areas of the hull to remain that of the full size boats. However all ride surfaces have been done in such a way as to maximize stability, handling, and speed. I have various trusted racers that take my products and use them on the race course and give feedback. That feedback is used to either redevelop a design, or it is put on a list of things to do in future models if I feel its a good idea. ML Boatworks does not keep all the good designs for themselves, and offer you a different, less developed kit. I take pride in knowing I am doing all I can to get my customers my best ideas. ML Boatworks is constantly evolving. Kits will be updated. This is not done to force customers to update, it is only done as I want to constantly get you the best of what I can offer as I learn!


I do my best to offer new products in different classes, and I am always open to offers and requests. However, one off designs slow the growth of ML Boatworks and what I can offer the rest of my customers. If you have a design you are willing to share with your fellow boaters but do not have the means to do so, please let me know. If it seems like a quality product I would like to have my name on I am always interested in getting that out to more people. 


My personal goal, is the offer the best quality products possible, get new people interested in our hobby, give new builders a product that is easy to build so they can become a true hobbyist. I personally believe there is no better satisfaction or stress reliever than building something yourself from scratch. RC boating can offer just that. Finally, in the last 3-4 years, I have had the opportunity to meet some of the most interesting and talented people from all over the world. Many have become friends. To me, that is what this hobby is and should be all about!


I receive a lot of calls from new customers asking to speak to Mike @ ML Boatworks. I always grin. When you call (252) 717-6282, you are always getting Mike, as I run ML Boatworks out of my garage. I am a one man show. I have a wonderful company that does all my laser cutting, and ships the kits to me, or drop ships depending on the kit. I have complete trust in their quality when they drop ship your order, and when I sort kits, I also ensure your kit has the quality it should. All kits arriving to me for packing get hand boxed and checked. All fiberglass parts are laid up by me personally. I take great pride in the time I spend to ensure your kit is the high quality I expect. With that being said, I personally have a day job, and ML Boatworks is a nights and weekend operation. Because of this, delays do happen, and I try to spend time relaying those delays to you, the buyer. If you ever feel you are not fully informed about your order, please call or email me first, so I can update, expedite, or correct the situation.